[DISCUSSION] Geo spatial index algorithm improvement and UDFs enhancement

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[DISCUSSION] Geo spatial index algorithm improvement and UDFs enhancement

Hi Community,

Now carbondata supports geo spatial index and one query UDF 'InPolygon'.
We plan to optimize the Spatial index feature with three points:

1 reduce the parameters of table properties when creating geo table;
2 add more UDFs and support more complex query scenario;
3 allow user to define the spatial index when 'LOAD' and 'INSERT INTO', and
carbon will still generated the value of spatial index column internally
when user does not give.

I have added an initial v1 design document 'CarbonData Spatial Index Design
Doc.docx' and UDF interface design document 'Carbon Geo UDF Enhancement
Interface Design.docx', please check and give comments/inputs/suggestions.



Shen Jiayu

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